Automated Management already has penetration and direct vendor relationships in micro-markets nationwide. With complete automation and POINT OF SALE Reporting, AUTOMATED MANAGEMENT is leveraging a 10 million dollar backbone and an integrated distribution management solution to bring your products to the consumer.
As Seen On TV


Automated Management would like to take advantage of our existing relationships and ability to bring ASOTV products to untapped markets, expand existing markets, and instill marketing and sales tools in every market thru data capture and acute analysis resulting from our proprietary sales and inventory tracking software; Birdseye & Intelesales.

This industry is looking for new and emerging markets as well as new technologies to help promote awareness, access and sales. With Automated Management’s reporting tools, augmented reality app, and existing relationships in the aforementioned markets, we can bring the ASOTV industry to new heights with relevant technology, now.



Automated Management is a management solution that maintains a single source for purchasing and distribution in otherwise marginal and fragmented markets.


Automated Managment compiles databases based on demographical elements to easily find the best locations to fit the appropriate product mixes.


Automated Managment utilizes Analytics Partnership & Sales Consultancy to help understand the demographical appeal for the end-line consumer.


By utilizing the camera feature now available on almost every phone the ASOTV In Store app delivers the commercial from the consumer’s fingertip.