It is an existing business that we are overlaying the ASOTV product category over. This integration into proven models allows for rapid market penetration into an already integrated distribution system. And AM is all about the data…. Who’s buying what… where and when. And we have the systems to prove it…. With thousands of SKU’s already in distribution in our retailer network we have combined a fragmented opportunity in to a clear and solid solution. Automated Management would like to set milestones and contingencies surrounding an exclusive deal for the agreed upon channels. For example, an exclusive deal for the first two years in each channel with contingencies for how we meet demand and execute each platform. The exclusivity can be approached as a rolling evergreen provided we meet our milestones. In return, Automated Management will act as the conduit for new and fragmented markets for ASOTV products, providing real time data for Vendors, Operators, and most importantly the Marketers. This industry is looking for new and emerging markets as well as new technologies to help promote awareness, access and sales. With Automated Management’s reporting tools, augmented reality app, and existing relationships in the aforementioned markets, we can bring the ASOTV industry to new heights with relevant technology, now.

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