By utilizing the camera feature now available on almost every phone, the ASOTV In Store app delivers the commercial from the consumer’s fingertip. Simply by pointing the camera at the product on the shelf… the video cues and plays instantly. Now the customer is engaged in a sophisticated sales pitch right in front of the product… if they were motivated to go to the web or to call before now they are motivated to buy now in retail right then. All they have to do is pick it up and put it in the cart. Coupled with a couponing feature that allows for instant discounts at the point of purchase the ASOTV in Store App will drive sales and increase lift. Finally every product in the As Seen On TV category can have a video to support sales of the product in retail. The best part is the In Store strategy is only one part of the puzzle. With most retailers having a circular program now they can include this interactive video app in their print advertising so every ASOTV product that is included the circular can have a video that literally jumps of the page driving direct sales at the retailers ecommerce site or by placing a digital coupon right on the consumers mobile device. The video will increase the circulars effectiveness and drive consumers to the store, but will also enable the retailer to capture direct sales of their own.