Finally an organization has consolidated these fragmented channels into one solution that takes ASOTV products to places in the ultimate locations for impulse buys… on campus… at convenience… and even in the workplace with a 4-prong strategy that creates a new channel for the category and taps into a market desired for new brand loyalty and product consumption. Automated Management is committed to a multi-phased rollout triggered by milestone achievements and performance standards. AM already has penetration and direct vendor relationships in micro-markets nationwide; accounting for $54 billion in sales revenue with snacks alone!. With complete automation and POS reporting, AM is leveraging a 10 million dollar backbone and an integrated distribution management solution to bring your products to the consumer in the following ways:

Phase One: Seize The Campus

A) Bookstores; 4900+ locations with an existing sales force already interfacing with the buyers. B) A real opportunity to interface with tomorrow’s core customer by building your brand with an emerging and influential consumer base, today!

Phase Two: Everywhere On Campus

A) Campus Placement: Dorms, Student Unions, Cafeterias, etc. Focused vending opportunities with specific product mixes will expand the item selection as well as provide redundancy for other items.

Universities and colleges work on Semesters. Traditional retailers work on Quarters. Automated Management has an idea for 2 major sets to coincide with each Semester, and 1 seasonal turn within each semester to add items before the Fall and Spring Holiday “Breaks.”

  2 Sets = 4 Turns per/annum

Phase Three: Convenience Is The Key

  • C-Stores; 150k+ potential locations
  • Existing C-Store relationships:
  • 7-Eleven
  • Quick Trip
  • Shop Rite
  • Hotel Pantries
  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Starwood Res

Phase Four: Vending Anywhere & Everywhere

  • 30k Automated Vending Operators
  • 6MM Locations Nationwide
  • OCS/Professional


Automated Management will provide the machines and manage the Colleges, Universities, and Convenient Stores category. We currently have access to 30K existing vending operators, which have 400/500 locations each.

Universities: 4900+ Locations Nationwide with 21 Million College

  • Students
  • Bookstores
  • Cafeterias & Dorms
  • Student Centers, Unions, Halls

Convenience Stores: 150K+ Potential Nationwide Vending Locations

  • 7-Eleven- 7800 locations
  • Quick Trip- 700 locations
  • Shop Rite- 300 locations